The condenser of your air conditioner outdoor unit is cleaned, and the coil of the external condenser performs a difficult task in warm weather.

It uses central heating to collect your home and it dumps it into the hot outdoor air. In order to get rid of the collected heat, the condenser coil of the outdoor unit will generate a large amount of air.

If the coil is dirty or plants or other objects are too close to the air conditioning unit, the outdoor coil fan cannot move as much air as possible for good performance and efficiency. This leads to the possibility of shortening the service life of outdoor condensing units with air conditioning and power costs.

XingChang Fan specializes in manufacturing fans and related equipment for more than 40 years. As one of the core industries of Xingchang fan, the manufacture of fin tubes has a full series of fin stamping ranging from 7 mm to 15.88 mm; The company has the ability to produce all kinds of accessories for HVAC and cold chain products.

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