TPU composited fabric is a kind of composite material formed by compounding TPU films on various fabrics, and a new type of fabric is obtained by combining the characteristics of the two.

1.TPU composite fabric

TPU can be salivated, blown, calendered or coated into a film, which has excellent characteristics of good elasticity, toughness, wear resistance, good cold resistance, environmental protection and non-toxicity.

2. Production process

There are two ways to make TPU composite fabric, one is called post-bonding: first make TPU film and then glue it to the fabric, and the other is called on-line bonding: coat the fabric with glue or not, and directly make TPU salivate on the fabric into TPU composite fabric or sandwich mesh. Generally speaking, the factories that do post-processing are not large in scale. There are many small factories in China. Most of them buy TPU films from outside film factories and only finish the process of post-processing. The TPU film must be subjected to high temperature and high pressure again in the post-bonding process. If the process is not properly controlled, the film will be damaged or even have tiny holes broken.

3. Use of fabric

TPU composite fabrics are used for inflatable life jackets, diving BC jackets, life rafts, inflatable boats, inflatable tents, military inflatable self-expanding mattresses, massage airbags, medical decubitus mattress and professional waterproof backpacks.

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