The baihua rubber belts is a specially constructed belt, which provides wedging action from both sides of the belt.The Baihua Rubber Belts is wrapped with a strong, wear resistant, bias cut, neoprene rubberised fabric.Using both sides of the baihua rubber belts it is possible to transmit power to and from pulleys rotating in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

  Specially designed for serpentine and reversing drives, Double V-belts transmit power from both sides of the baihua rubber belts.These are manufactured using top grade components which are procured from trustworthy vendors of the market.Baihua rubber belts are recommended for serpentine drives, where power is to be transmitted from both the sides of the hexagonal belts.

  They usually transmit power from both of the hexagonal belts. To meet the multiple bend and dual power requirements, Double hexagonal belts builted with special tension cords.Hexagonal belts are also called double (sided) belts. Typical drive element on serpentine drives and applications where the direction of rotation may change.