During the rubber hot air oven, rubber material is processed through a rubber hot air oven very similar to those used in extruding plastic.It is softened through heating and shearing, and the rubber hot air oven is then pressurized through the rotation of a screw.Rubber hot air oven are forced through a die of the rubber hot air oven from an extruder created by a screw inside the rubber hot air oven.

  The rubber is forced through the die by this pressure and swells in varying amounts depending on the type and hardness of the compound.This aids the rubber extruder to maintain its shape and acquire necessary physical properties.Instant food and snacks like cereal are manufactured using extrusion.

  This benefit alone creates a much safer, cost effective production environment for your employees and will reduce the costs associated with these materials. Plastics, rubber extruder and even food use the extrusion process. rubber extruder consist of a heated shearing screw conveyor or twin screw conveyor and a die through which the plasticised and pressurized rubber is squeezed.