Now more and more families have a high quality of life and their living environment has changed. For example, solar post cap light will be installed in the courtyard. However, many families are often unable to start because of the rich styles of solar post cap light on the market. Don't worry. Next, the solar post cap light manufacturer will take you to learn how to choose the appropriate solar post cap light. The following are some factors to consider.

1. Ambient light: We should first consider whether the courtyard has sufficient sunlight, and ensure sufficient sunlight to ensure the normal luminous level of the solar post cap light;

2. Courtyard style: We should choose the corresponding style of solar post cap light according to the courtyard style. For example, if the house is of modern European style, we should choose the corresponding modern European post cap light.

3. Pillar size: The pillar size is also a factor to be considered, which determines the size of the selected solar post cap light;

4. courtyard area: if the courtyard area is relatively large, a solar post cap light with relatively large power is required, and correspondingly a solar panel with relatively large area is also required;

5. Economic capability: Select different materials according to their own economic capability. Different materials will affect the service life and durability of products.

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