The remaining part of the year should be chill. People have spent Madden nfl 20 coins money and wasted so much time this is the biggest slap in the face I've ever experienced. So you need to spend more everything you've spent is useless. If you updated front office stamina stuff, most individuals don't realize, EA then made promo endurance to counter that. If you updated madden now coin booster that this voucher doesn't give coins such as ones. This is a way to destroy the entire year.Can you think Madden should add classic teams very similar to NBA2k?

I desired EA to add classic football teams throughout the NFL's history, very similar to NBA2k adds classic teams from the NBA into their sport. As I am not too Knowledgeable about teams prior to the Super Bowl 23, I accounted for teams from the Super Bowl Era. Little did you understand Madden used to have this. I understand 07 and 05 had throwback teams. I didnt play with 08 much if that one had those too as the other 2 dont really remember. Then they will add this to a future match and say"We added a new feature to Play Today" and I'll be sitting there like"New?

Came here to mention how classic teams was inside. Also does anyone remember the NFL Europe teams? Don't get me wrong I love madden, but the things they used to have in Madden made it so much better. The attention to detail seemed to be there. However, for real the largest thing I miss are the gamers stating ea sports it is in Madden. No. For 2k it's much easier as it is just 15 or so people to implement. For Madden it would be approximately 60 or 70 (I do not know the actual numbers) so it is ideal to have changes everywhere. In 2k, they only get the very best 8-10 players for many teams. And there is still players missing.Yeah along with the old Madden games they'd classic clubs but no real rosters. IDK why that couldn't be added by the back.

Thats a lot of licensing money to sink retired gamers, also the fact that you've got the 2015 Broncos on here because they won the super bowl but don't possess the panthers from that same season is a little wack. I feel like there would be no point in this concept if you only add past winner teams whenever there's several occasions that there were groups that were just as great if not better over the course of the season. How is this not an iconic team?

Not saying it is not, but if you are including this group, you can't forget that 15-1 panthers team. 10 expert bowlers, 8 members of the All-Pro team, League MVP, NFL Coach of the Year. On top of all the accolades that staff went outside and had fun while kicking ass. I am just saying if you are going to include that Broncos team, you need to include that Panthers team too, shit even the Cardinals that season were mad good. Overall I'm saying that this feature could be a moot point when it had been primarily past championship teams and that was it. It would serve no purpose if I couldn't match two iconic teams from the exact same year up against each other.

I am not trying to find every iconic team to know how to buy mut 20 coins from each year. I am trying to think of iconic teams in all of NFL history. That's why I skipped some years because I could not think of some iconic teams out of that year. It just is that most of these are super bowl winners because they were great. Now that I am considering it, I'll add the Panthers based from these accolades. I don't think the Cardinals from that year are iconic.