They offer more than blockout curtains
Blockout curtains are a popular solution for those who want to enjoy a room without having to endure the dominating rays. That’s where the similarities end, as thermal curtains will offer additional noise and heat reduction. Thermal curtains are ideal for rooms that have heightened exposure to strong sun, or rooms that face roads. Unnecessary heat and noise can be dramatically reduced, with a simple and stylish curtain choice that’s a one-step beyond installing blockout curtains. Many QuickFit Blinds & Curtains customers will opt for blockout curtains in bedrooms, with thermal curtains chosen for the living room and shared spaces.

They are available in a variety of options
Thermal curtains may be specialised in the design, but they are still offered in a variety of colours and sizes. That means no obtrusive designs or prescribed colours are needed, you can control how your thermal curtains look and work within your style defined rooms. QuickFit Blinds & Curtains have thermal curtains available in all header styles and can be purchased as ready to hang curtains, or they can be custom made curtains to suit your exact size. You will never have to sacrifice style for functionality.

Easy maintenance
Depending on the thermal curtain solution you prefer, keeping them clean and well maintained is as easy as putting them through a machine cycle or having them dry cleaned. No catches, no fine print. Just effective thermal curtains that are as easy to maintain as they are to fit and install. When weather and conditions permit, it is always a great idea to open windows and curtains frequently to avoid mildew or a moisture build-up. You can also spray upholstery cleaner over the thermal curtains or give a once over with the vacuum cleaner.

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