Is acrylic fish tank good or not, what is the difference with ordinary glass fish tank?

1. Acrylic fish tank has very good weatherability and acid and alkali resistance.

2. Acrylic fish tank has excellent insulation performance.

3. Acrylic fish tank has good light transmittance, reaching more than 92%, and requires less light intensity, thus saving electric energy very much.

4. Acrylic fish tank has strong impact resistance, which is 16 times that of ordinary glass.

5. Acrylic fish tanks have a long life span of over three years compared with fish tanks made of other materials.

6. Acrylic is light in weight, half lighter than ordinary glass, and buildings and supports bear less load.

7. Acrylic fish tank has gorgeous colors and high brightness, which cannot be compared with other materials.

8. Acrylic fish tank has strong plasticity, great changes in shape and easy processing.

9. It is convenient to maintain and easy to clean. Rainwater can be cleaned naturally or washed with soap and soft cloth.

10. Acrylic plate has excellent weatherability, higher nominal softness and external luster, and worse low temperature performance.

11. The abrasion resistance of acrylic plate is near to that of aluminum. It is resistant to various chemical and educational products from time to time.

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