A waterproof coat is a necessity for soldiers struggling in the front line. It can prevent rainwater from seeping into the body and protect their health. So is the waterproof performance important for mattresses that we often use when sleeping?

Waterproof fabric is a new type of textile fabric and belongs to a functional fabric. Its components are made of polymer waterproof and breathable material and fabric composite fabric. Waterproof, moisture permeable, breathable, heat insulating, windproof, warm keeping and other functions.

Sometimes, for convenience, we often drink drinks, coffee and other liquids in bed. When there is an accident, we will wet the bed. If our mattress fabric is not waterproof, these liquids will penetrate. Enter, damage the internal structure of the mattress for a long time, reduce the service life of the mattress. If it is waterproof, it is easier to handle. You don't have to think about it. If you clean it, you can completely clean colored liquids, such as coffee.

In our life, waterproof fabrics are still used in many places. In addition to the rescue clothing we mentioned earlier, raincoats in our life are also made of waterproof fabrics, i.e. they are not as waterproof as rescue clothing, and some fabrics are leather. The windbreaker also has certain waterproof performance, which can wipe off water stains at one touch.

In addition to the fire resistance of fabrics, there are also fabrics with various properties, such as fire resistance, mite resistance and wind resistance. Each fabric has its own advantages and adaptability, and each fabric has irreplaceable importance in different fields.

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