Wrapped V-Belts are rubber, urethane synthetic, and neoprene designs with either a V or trapezoidal profile.Perhaps your application calls for a positive drive synchronous power transmission belt, or a round endless belt.The latter increases the amount of contact between Wrapped V-Belts and pulleys to minimize tension needed to transmit torque.

  If you’re not sure of what size or type of Wrapped V-Belts you need? Our experienced staff is available to help you figure it out.They are excellent problem solvers that perform well in harsh environments and in extremely demanding applications where standard Wrapped V-Belts have performance issues.Joint belts are also longer lasting, too, featuring superior resistance to flex fatigue, shock loads, oil and heat.

  Do you require a banded joint belts for a high power transmission? Higher horsepower capacity is also provided through a tough engineered rubber compound cushion, adding to joint belts strength.For example with V-flat drives in machine construction.The overcord is made of coloured fabric that will not wear off and has joint belts.