Introduction to hot stamping machine
Hot stamping has become one of the most common methods to print designs onto a variety of materials. Mid-Atlantic Packaging offers it as one of our custom printing methods for bags and boxes – and you can even do hot foil stamping at home with the right equipment. So what is hot stamping and why is it so popular? Let’s look at the basics of this relief printing technique.

Reasons to Use Hot Stamping
The hot stamping process involves heating up a die or engraved image and then forcing it down against an item with a marking foil in between. The foil is transferred wherever the die meets the item. Most printers use a hot stamping machine for plastic, but it is also effective for paper and wood. While the process is longer and more expensive than screen printing, it has a number of advantages. It’s a dry process, which reduces the risk of mixed inks and bleeding. Hot foil stamping is also incredibly long-lasting – the design and color will stay true through conditions that would ruin lesser prints.