We make 20L Bucket Mould, thin wall container mould and bucket mould with 0.5L,1L,3L,5L,10L,18L,20L bucket mould.We will try our best to reduce the cost of the mould according to your special requirements.Offer water bucket mold, pail mold, paint bucket mold.Provide various 20L bucket moulds not only with different capacity from 10L, 20L, 30L.

  After customer appoved the mould testing samples,we start to pack the 20L bucket mould,first fit the nameplates on each set of mould.Different from normal 20L bucket mould with round design, we make it as hexagon,ensure thickness uniform.The wall thickness is even or not there is a reason causing wall thickness uneven is working on the 18L bucket mould.

  Besides,other reasons,like non-proper 18L bucket mould design or bad polish work on the core and cavity.18L Bucket Mould decentraction,18L bucket mould wall thickness uneven factores are the usual problems.Through our effective project management, your mould will be ready in the shortest possible time.