The best way to work with paint is to tip out a small volume into a separate Bucket Mould and use this for painting.Kept in the original container and in a safe place, you will be able to reuse the solvent time and time again.During the processing of the bucket mould, it is necessary to control and control the related processing dimensions.

  The bottom area of the bucket mould is large, but it is unreasonable to use the whole bottom surface as the support.This will leave the paint in the main bucket mould and untouched by your brush or roller. Properly stored paint can last for years.In the initial design of the paint bucket mould, it is necessary to make a budget for the product shrinkage of the lid and the paint bucket mould.

  We provide customers with more than 100 sets of paint bucket moulds and more than 10 Paint Bucket Mould moulding line for customers every year.Remember not to shake it up as this will disturb the paint solids, which will have settled to the bottom of the container.Therefore, the surface support should be changed into a line support or a point support.