Placement of a wifi range extender is very important to keep in mind as if it is not placed on the right spot it will not transmit good signals and therefore you will not get the boosted wifi range. When you get the Netgear wifi range extender, configure it on the site and then after it is properly setup, you can move it to a place which is best for it.

Setup of the Extender

The extender can either be set up through the web based manual method or by the WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) method. In the manual method, you need to follow the following steps –

  1. Place the extender near the router
  2. Open a web browser on your computer
  3. Type the site link
  4. Login with the default credentials and press login
  5. Next on the setup page just follow the instructions to setup your device

Once this step is done you can move the wifi range extender and place it at a different location where it gives good wifi signals to all the areas of the house or office, wiping out the dead zones everywhere.

Troubleshoot Issues

There can be issues when you try to setup the wifi range extender due to various reasons. The most common one being trying to access the mywifiext site without connecting the extender. This is a local web site and not like the other internet sites. Therefore it will be available for access only when the extender is connected with the computer. Other reasons for errors or issues can be connection issues, web browser issues, the web browser should be fully updated, the extender not placed near the router because of which connection is not established, internet services not in working condition, the spellings entered during login incorrect etc. These errors can be avoided if you follow the configuration steps carefully and if the errors still come you can reset the extender and try again. You can also try to call the customer support toll free number 1-855-394-0444 and get the expert help that you need. The professionals will help you for any kind of errors faced regarding the extender.

How to Know the Best Spot for Placement

After the wifi range extender is successfully installed, you can move it and find the best spot for it. In order to know the best spot you need to see the LED indicators on the extender. If the place where you keep the wifi range extender has good signals it will show a solid green LED light, if the place doesn’t have good wifi signals it will show amber LED and if there are no signals in a particular place the extender LED will light up red. Therefore you can easily find the best spot for the wifi range extender with the help of the LED indicator. If the place where you wish to keep the extender doesn’t have good wifi signals then move the extender closer to the wifi router. This will help the wifi range extender to get good wifi signals from the wifi router and boost it to further spread better signal and connectivity all over the house. The wifi range extender catches the wifi signals of the main router and retransmits it to all the areas of the house or office.