Window treatment time for my guest room. So far I have been keeping within my budget and this project will keep me in check as it is very budget friendly. In this post I am sharing one way to make a Curtain finial and two different ways to make decorative finials for the rod. One uses an actual wood finial, the other a tennis ball.

I like lots of light in my home and have a big window in my guest room. I wanted to use drapery panels, but I don’t want them to cover the window at all so I needed a very long rod. This way the panels frame the window, but don’t cover it at all. To buy a decorative rod in the length I needed I would have had to spend $30.00 and up. That would wipe out my budget so I opted to use a PVC pipe that costs $4.00.

You can find PVC pipes at any home improvement store in the plumbing dept. They come in many different diameters and lengths. There are two types – lightweight and heavyweight. If you have a very long span – get the heavier pipe, as it will stay straight and won’t bow down and you won’t need to add a center support, otherwise the lightweight pipe will be fine. The pipe I bought cost me under $4.00. It is a 1 1/4” diameter pipe. Cutting the pipe is easy with a saw. If you know the exact length you need, have them cut it at the home improvement store – one less step for you to do.