Crankshaft bending is one of the faults of air compressor. What causes this change? First, the common faults of air compressor are introduced, and then the reasons for Air compressor crankshaft bending are discussed in detail.

Common faults of air compressor:

1. The exhaust temperature of the unit is high (over 110℃), and the air compressor trips automatically.

2. Exhaust temperature of air compressor is lower than normal value (lower than 75℃).

3. The unit has large oil consumption, short lubricating oil adding period or large oil content in compressed air at the outlet.

4. The compressor capacity of the unit is lower than the design value and the outlet pressure is low.

5. The exhaust pressure of the unit is too high.

6. The unit cannot be started (electrical failure).

Why is the crankshaft of air compressor bent?

The above is a general description of the common problems of the air compressor. Now, the bending of the crankshaft of the air compressor is summarized:

(1) The gap between the connecting rod bushing and the crankshaft bushing is too large and is not corrected in time;

(2) The clearance of crankshaft lining tile is too small, or the center line of each crankshaft lining tile is not in a straight line;

(3) The connecting rod piston assembly or the balance iron and flywheel are unbalanced, causing additional inertial force and moment of inertia, causing large vibration of the compressor unit.

(4) The crankshaft is not stored reasonably for a long time.

(5) The compressor foundation sinks.

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