The rubber extruder process begins with a rubber compound being fed into an extruder.After vulcanization, a length of rubber extrusion will tend to be reduced in dimension more in the center of the length than in the ends.We use advanced technology and top quality materials to create custom molded products in the profile needed to meet your specifications.

  An extrusion die is a precise and specific tool made by cutting an opening through a blank of steel.A comprehensive offering of materials and value-added services mean we have everything you need to complete your custom rubber seal project.We use quality control and proven technologies to fulfill your design requirements and help you tackle unique manufacturing challenges.

  Once the material reaches the die, the built-up pressure forces the material through the openings, where it will consequently swell to various degrees based on the material compound and hardness.Many rubber compounds tend to swell when passing through the extrusion die, causing them to experience an rubber curing oven.