We offer both hot feed and cold feed processes for rubber extrusions. In hot feed extrusion.A rubber extruder machine is composed of two primary parts.Owing to their ample screw torque and large screw speed range, our extruders can be used for many applications.Rubber extrusion don’t differs so much of plastic extrusion.As the material moves along the conveyor, it is heated and softened to make it pliable.

  The softened material is pressurized by the shearing screw and forced into the die where it takes its final shape.Specifically extruder and extrusion die design, since shrinkage occurs throughout the extrusion process and even after molding, due to die swell.Special screw and barrel designs and configurations will guarantee the high quality you require your products to have.

  This aids the rubber extruded profiles to maintain its shape and acquire necessary physical properties.Basically, the main difference is the curing process or vulcanization of the rubber during the extrusion process.The big difference is that uncured rubber is pushed through a die into an rubber vulcanizing machine.