Location: China

  Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

  Brands: OEM & ODM

  Certificate: CE,ISO9001

  Model: Customization

  Terms of payment: Negotiation

  Minimum order quantity: 1 Sets

  Price: Consultation

  Packing details: Container

  Delivery time: Negotiation

  Payment method: Negotiation

  ANYTH-1200(A)/1400(A) uses big span bridge structure. The crossbeam and side beam are sealed by immersion guide way. The lube make tin oil film between channeled roil and driving block, and putting the side seam protector can make the lowest cost. The main engine uses imported frequency converter to achieve step less speed regulation cutting with 90 revolved worktable, nimble rotation, accurate position, good steel and stable cutting. It suits to process stones with high value and tombstone craft products.