I suppose"Fan Translation = Poor" was a lousy title for that section, maybe its cause some of us are too used to PSO2AH the Fan Translation but many have this unrealistic idea that what goes on doesn't just occur with PSO2 and is quite common. Its what you'd have to expect for an official translation. For the album, the Fan Translation transformed some terminologies.The Extreme Quest names in the Japanese version are extremely straightforward, for instance,"Forest and Sanctum", that is changed in the Exotic Translation into the creative sounding"Sylvan Wyverns". S-Class Abilities' title are literal at the Japanese version. "Instant Guard Recover Light" is altered into"Marvelous Aegis" in the Fan Translation.

"Shironia" and"Kuron" are a fan translation creation on account of the Japanese variant calling these areas"White Territory" and"Black Mirror" respectively.One special personality was approached with the intention of making his dialogue seem very similar to Shadow the Hedgehog. I am not saying that makes the fan translation bad at all, but I do think people can be a bit hypocritical when they claim vocabulary and the NA model's translation makes it a lousy translation. In the conclusion of the day, its what happens when you have people different approaches would be taken.

Yeah there were some things I myself nitpicked in the enthusiast translations... Like when Phantom first published, it was for some reason translated as"Villain", likely as a joke, but they fixed that soon after. And turning"Luther" to"Loser" is not how it's written in Japanese either, I think that was also done as a joke. But frankly, I don't care so much about all this, provided that they do not make the error SEA PSO2 created with phoning Force that a"Wizard", or techs"Magic". And keep EQs in accord with the story updates. From what I heard from SEA PSO2, they had the EQs release prior to the story of those EQs were released. Hoping they won't also follow SEA PSO2's mistake of costumes.

Most of us started with Phantasy Star Online on Dreamcast, some began on GameCube or Xbox and many others began with Phantasy Star Universe. All our adventures and our journeys matter are amazing to hear about. What is your story? I began using PSO v1 on Dreamcast, but unfortunately - possibly due to region locks or an returned game using the code redeemed (or maybe even a store staff member lifting the Hunter License code) I was not able to play with online. Before returning it disappointed I was able to reach Dark Falz on normal. I played on PC Ver two and loved every minute of it, made a great deal of friends and obtained my character. That is a shot of some friends and I preparing to take on Vol Opt.

Australia did not get PSO Episode 1 & 2 on GameCube or Xbox (or at least it was very difficult to find), so I imported the US version and played offline to Lv. 200 again. The Climate Control Region and Towers remain some of my favourite places in PSO Ep 2! In that time period I left some friends who and PSO on Dreamcast had played with we ended up playing Blue Burst together. I started out by engaging in the Beta and eventually moved on to the US servers. This shot was taken after multiple'Towards the Future' runs! I played with a HUmar in the wee hours of Ver 2, but eventually settled on buy PSO2 Meseta being a Cast from this moment forward.