If you don’t own a sewing machine or don’t have time to sew your curtains by hand, there are two no-sew methods you can try: iron-on fusible bonding web or hem tape and glue. For either of these methods, repeat steps 1 through 5 above first.

The disadvantage of these no-sew techniques given by Curtain pole manufacturer is that they are difficult (if not impossible) to remove. Consider these to be permanent hemming methods.

Iron-On Fusible Bonding Web and Hem Tape
Using an iron-on fusible bonding web (like Stitch Witchery) is an easy way to hem your curtains without sewing. Fusible tape melts when heated, causing a glue-like effect when you iron it.

Important: Wash your curtains before using any type of fusible product. Finishing agents and sizing in the fabric may prevent the fusible tape from adhering to your curtains.

Here’s how to use hemming tape on curtains:

Place the tape between the top of your curtain hem and your double fold. Press with a hot iron until the fusible tape melts.
Allow the tape to cool before moving to the next section, so the fusing has time to adhere completely. Always iron the tape between your fabric layers, not on the tape directly, as it can melt to the iron.
Fabric Glue and Hot Glue
For the ultimate low-tech hemming method, try using glue! You can use either fabric glue (like Liquid Stitch) or hot glue (using a low-temp glue gun) to hem your curtains.

After folding and ironing your curtains, use glue to secure your hem in place of sewing. Keep in mind that glue (especially hot glue) dries quickly. Work in small sections and press to bond for the best results.

Note: If you’re hemming sheer curtains, it’s best to sew instead of using a no-sew method if possible. Fusible web and glue will show through sheer curtains, which isn’t ideal.

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