Add a career style like NBA2k. However, their franchise styles have great depth and customization. I play 2k soley for Madden 21 coins this and it's significantly better than that which Madden offers. Madden trades are undoable. I know making trades in NFL is uncommon and harder than NBA but madden made it hopeless to do transactions. For starters, there is no trade finder in madden which means every time that you wish to move a Madden NFL participant, you would need to set up the trade yourself.

Plus you can only add up to 3 items in each transaction that makes trade negotiation extremely difficult. Wanna see how to improve the deal? I could literally turn a second along with a 70+ QB for big Q or 3 70-80 rated Madden NFL players to Zach Martin but that I can not even trade my whole team for Jonah Williams? On the other hand round selections are only food stamps to the majority of teams and you could literally trade some scrubs for a first round pick if the Madden NFL player fits the group need. 2K is always idle and rarely enhances myleague mode but even then 2k myleague is still 1000 miles ahead of madden franchise.

I thought they made a large change (x factor skills ) and enjoyed that very much. I won't deny the franchise mode is extremely lacking when compared to NBA 2k franchise. Not even big change, they just brought back a feature from like 10 games ago.Ah yes, that doesn't love the Enforcer skill and the 60 forced fumbles a year by Madden NFL players that have it. Also their built in draft courses being shit that half the QB SS/X Factor skills never have used. Instead of paying full price at 17, so glad I picked it up. MUT is a joke this year with the random deflections resulting in the right CB deflecting a pass to the LE to select off 45 yards off... happens at least once a complete game.

Anyone else remember the glory days when Madden had a bunch of ability drills on PS2?

Wish MUT was a total separate video game and regular Madden focused on franchise and went deep in details with it instead of taking shit outside and making business bare. It is mad that Madden 03 has a better franchise mode than Madden 20. I 100% agree with this, although MUT is loved by me. Have a separate match for MUT and focus on franchise and most of time teams. That is coming from someone who mostly plays MUT. Honest question...what do u get from MUT...not to insult u whatsoever but to me it the worst shit in order a Madden NFL player I wan na na kno ur thoughts on it is pleasurable.

The reality is, 80% of those Madden NFL players have been run the same shitty and the game play. However, the reason why I okay is that I love the feeling of working hard to get great Madden NFL players and becoming to update my group though hard work. As a NMS Madden NFL player, it just feels great to finally get the group that I want.his 100 percent, when I was looking for a livelihood for like 6+ months after college I played a shitload of MUT NMS and getting Madden NFL players I loved irl on my team was so fucking fun. Had a full Chargers theme group and a couple other Madden NFL players I loved to buy Mut 21 coins cover their poor positions, and grinding for it had been tedious but so gratifying.