The door of the upright showcase is double-layer vacuumed glass doors.Sliding glass doors with recessed finger pulls.Upright Showcase, with controller can adjustat the temperature easily.The use of advanced air duct structure, faster cooling, the cabinet temperature uniformity.Perfect design enables customers to pick up in the shopping convenient.

  Made of aluminum and tempered glass you have a upright showcase for your merchandise.Blower system, assisted with fan, will ensure homogenous coolness in the storage space.Its depth of only one metre is a record for a professional upright showcase with double evaporator.Moreover an inside glasses resistance system is provided to keep the front glass clear from annoy mist.

  We are China refrigerator manufacturer.In a very short span of time, we have been able to carve a niche of excellence in the market place for ourselves.With our quality control and high efficiency, we are very pleased to offer our guarantee in quality, delivery and service.Use that open counter space and place this showcase display in that spot.

  Some are designed to go with other appliances, while others are built-in models that can be a tight fit in a crowded kitchen.And the concept of environmental protection is perfectly integrated together.7 smart temperature control system, more convenient.Cooling system will keep your products fresh for a long time, prevent them from melting.We are China Refrigerator Manufacturer.