The solar garden light manufacturer can convert the solar light source into electric energy by themselves. The independent power generation and lighting intelligent system do not need to reconstruct the conduction of electric current, thus saving resources and electricity costs. This is also the main reason why solar garden lights are popular with users. So what important links should be paid attention to when installing solar garden lights?

The installation of solar garden light requires the components of each part to be fixed: the solar panel is fixed on the solar panel bracket, the light cap is fixed on the cantilever arm, then the bracket and the cantilever arm are fixed to the main rod, and the connecting wire is led to the control box (battery box). Before lifting the light post, check whether the fasteners in each part are firm, whether the light cap is installed properly, and whether the light source works normally.

And then debug whether that system work normally or not, loosening the connecting line with the solar panel on the controller, enable the light source to work normally, and turning off the light connected with the solar panel connecting line; At the same time, carefully observe the changes of all indicator lights on the controller. If all data are normal, lifting and installation can only be carried out. When lifting the main light pole, pay attention to safety precautions. The screws must be tightened properly. If the sunrise angle of the light cap is deviated, it is necessary to adjust its sunrise direction to the south completely to achieve the effect of absorbing light energy.

After all the steps of installing the solar garden light are completed, debug whether the system can run normally again; Whether the light source of solar garden light is normal or not, connect the solar panel connection line again and turn off the light. At the same time, carefully observe the changes of indicator lights on the controller. All data are normal. Seal the control box.

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