hard-wired V-Belt are extremely flexible, they are widely used in agricultural machinery.We also offer our hard-wired V-Belt with steel and stainless steel hubs, making them ideal in a wide range operating environments.Manufacturer hard-wired V-Belt are made for everyday driving.It is also available as a hard-wired V-Belt with cardioid and hypercardioid caps.We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit.

  Our triangular belts are admired for their high strength, durability and long lasting performance.The simplest type of belt is the triangular belts.Our triangular belts make use of the best of both nylon and aluminum.Just come and talk to us!There's only one problem: that approach is about as wrong as you can get.There's a squeal emanating from underneath your triangular belts—and it doesn't sound good.High-strength nylon webbing, fully tested belt is rated.