The main purpose of quotation for Car Parts Mould is to reply the mould manufacturing cycle and mould price of customer products. The quotation of car parts mould is the prophase process of mould design and mould manufacturing, and is the key step to receive the order. A mould company, there is no order for a large part to read the newspaper to check whether the mould price is reasonable.

Car parts mould is a special product with high technology content. It should not cater to customers with low price or even at a loss. But should achieve high quality and good price, to ensure the quality, precision and life of the mould.

Main Factors to Be Considered in Quotation of Car Parts Mould

(1) The customer's plastic parts drawing accuracy and assembly requirements.

(2) Confirmation of the position of the plastic inlet.

(3) The plastic parts appearance inspection standards.

(4) Whether the plastic parts need post-processing or not.

(5) Monthly output of plastic parts and annual production demand.

(6) Selection of mould materials.

(7) Settlement method of mould quotation.

The quotation and settlement of car parts mould is the continuation of mould valuation. From the mould valuation to the mould quotation, it is only the first step, and the final purpose of the mould is to form the final mould settlement price through the settlement after the mould is manufactured and delivered for use. In this process, people always hope that mould valuation = mould price = mould settlement price. However, in actual operation, the three prices are not completely equal, and fluctuation error values may occur.

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