Customized acrylic fish tank are becoming more and more popular in our lives. For a company with rich experience in the field of fish tanks, they are more advanced in the technical field, relying on a team with good technical volume, they have carried out scientific and technological experiments again and again in quality, and achieved good results.Technical updates have been achieved .

Acrylic fish tanks have not only been recognized by the public in terms of quality, but also attracted widespread attention in appearance. Now, for fans of acrylic fish tanks on the market, they are curious about how it is made?

1. Before making a fish tank, we must first understand the size of the fish tank, most fish can now grow to 20-30 cm. Therefore, when we determine the size of the fish tank, we need at least 100 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm (long shell height), so that the fish can have a good long space.

2. When making acrylic fish tanks, the thickness of the fish tank glass should be determined according to the size of the fish. For example, in a 1 meter fish tank, we need to choose 6 mm glass, and the material of the fish tank glass can be float glass. Try not to use the flat glass that is interesting, because the float glass itself has no edges, and the thickness is uniform. The upper and lower surfaces are flat, which is one of the most important issues when we make fish tanks.

3. The glue used to make the acrylic fish tank uses glass glue, and the quality requirements are very good. Generally speaking, we only need to buy a one-meter fish tank. In addition to this glass glue, it is also an indispensable tool for us.

4.When we are ready for something, we first need to find a quiet and free space, and then find a platform that is larger than the length and density of the fish tank, and then we clean the acrylic glass of the fish tank to remove oil loss and dust, Because it is very important to improve the fastness of bonding.

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