Kept in the original container and in a Bucket Mould, you will be able to reuse the solvent time and time again.The wall thickness is even or not there is a reason causing wall thickness uneven is working on the parting line by hand.Optimal and equal cooling effects in different area of cavity and core of the bucket moulds.We can make all kinds of wholesale bucket mould including daily use mould, auto part and paint bucket mould.Although the criteria and the technology used to produce bucket mould have changed dramatically in recent years.

  The main problems that may easily occur will through trial and error during the mold structure design.We adopt single loop cooling way and setup even distribution water channels as much as possible.Therefore, the surface support should be changed into a line support or a point support.So at the beginning,when we design Paint Bucket Mould,we should consider these factores.Also we suggest adding copper on the top of core and pail edge place.