I would not state it slipped Mahomes, he still had a fairly gnarly knee injury that required him out of matches. I would not say he got completely skipped. There is no madden curse. Guarantee you if you ask Lamar"hello you are going to have hurt early season and then come back and win the branch and win the super bowl," he would take it. It only that which we Madden 20 coins call the simple fact that most people who move on the cover of Madden have some thing bad or unfortunate happen to them in the next season or 2. Gronk was still considered cursed after his 2017 cover since he got seriously injured, his team won the super bowl, still got cursed.

Madden curse is straight crap, confirmation bias. Eddie george rushed for over 1,500 metres his pay year. 2010 Fitzgerald logged receiving yards. Year drew brees threw for over 4,500 yards and 33touchdowns his cover. His cover year, megatron BROKE THE ALL TIME SEASON YARDAGE RECORD FOR WIDE RECIEVERS. Sherman was a bowler and group all ace his cover year. Tom won the MVP award after his year. Patty ketchup only won the superbowl and had a slight injury that caused him to miss two games. Miss me with this BS.

Completely disagree with you. Mahomes did not get murdered. He missed two complete games and he had been the super bowl MVP. Gronkowski is a story that is different. He sat out all the playoffs and super bowl and played 8 games. In case gronk came back and won super bowl MVP I would say he missed the curse too.I disagree with you. I think you have too many parameters on which makes somebody strangled. I really don't believe a good/great thing happening the exact same year invalidates that something bad or"cursed" occurred. I viewd it Payer gets on cover - following headline they have is your curse carrying out itself. Is Tom Brady losing the bowl in 2018 actually cursed? No not really, in reality it's an unbelievable accomplishment for anyone else, but since he was.

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan draft doctrine started on Madden

Coaches say something that makes us lovers feel like idiots with no idea of the sport works. Other times, they say. Depending on how the last few years of Madden franchise mode has functioned, I dont understand why more GMs dont just wait till the 3rd round where many"ancient 1st around" QBs are still accessible, even simply to flip for additional future 1sts. I mean, Madden franchise could never be buy Mut 20 coins insanely incorrect and buggy, do it? Exactly.