A squealing noise is indicative of a problem, but might not require replacement of the hard-wired V-Belt.The purpose of hard-wired V-Belt is to transmit and distribute the rotation from a drive shaft to other shafts attached to moving parts of a machine or engine.We have been pursuing excellence based on the principle of respecting and satisfying customers.We also recommend relaxing belt tension if a drive is not being used for prolonged periods of time.If stored correctly.Manufacturer hard-wired V-Belt are made for everyday driving.

  Our triangular belts are admired for their high strength, durability and long lasting performance.triangular belts look like relatively benign and simple pieces of equipment.At the same time, the flowers are kept together well, until the triangular belts they are bunched.What is the difference between triangular belts?We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them.