The classification essay is a kind of essay in which we can consider classification to be a method of developing an essay into a specific classes or groups by arranging the objects, people, or ideas with the shared characteristics. One should be ready to attempt a first draft of the essay, after he or she have settled on a topic for a classification essay and thus have already explored it through several prewriting strategies. Further, in this blog we will discuss about the developing and organizing of a five-paragraph classification essay. To understand about classification essay the students can refer to the Classification essay writing help as offered by BookMyEssay.

Introductory Paragraph of Classification Essay

In the introduction of the classification essay the students can clearly identify the subject i.e. the group that they are classifying. For attracting the interest of the readers and suggesting the purpose of the essay, the students can also provide some particular descriptive or informative details. Usually at the end of the introduction, the students can finally add a sentence of thesis the briefly identifies the main approaches or types that a student is about to examine.

Body Paragraphs

A student can begin each body paragraph of a classification essay with a topic sentence that can identify a specific type of approach. Then they can illustrate each type with the particular details. The body paragraphs need to be arranged in the order that strikes to be logical and clear, if it is considered from the least effective approach to the most effective approach or it can be from the most common type to the least familiar. It should be ensured that the order of the body paragraphs should match the arrangement as promised in the statement of the thesis. The Classification essay writing help as provided by BookMyEssay supports the students in writing other essays.

Concluding Paragraph

The concluding paragraph of a classification essay provides the essay writer an opportunity to draw together the various approaches and types that the writer have been examining in the body of the classification essay. The essay writer might choose to offer a final brief comment on each one thus summarizing its limitation or its value. In this case, the writer might want to recommend one approach of concluding the paragraph over the others and even explain the reason for it. In any situation while writing the essay, one should ensure that the conclusion of the essay clearly emphasizes the purpose of the classification.

Therefore, while developing and organizing the draft for a classification essay and even while experimenting with the various kinds of strategies, one should keep the basic format of the essay in mind. To briefly summarize the format, an introduction that identifies the subject and the different types of approaches, then it follows with three or more body paragraphs that rely on the particular details for describing or illustrating the types and finally also a conclusion that list down all the points together and thus makes clear the overall purpose of classification. The BookMyEssay writers provide essay writing help to the students across the world.

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