Paint Pail Mould may be operated in less than ideal conditions.Cost is what you continue to pay for a mold that was not built correctly in the first place.Who can do mold designing and offer high accuracy.Paint pail mould,medical mould ,home appliance mould plastic bucket /bowel mould and so on.

  Besides,other reasons,like non-proper paint pail mould design or bad polish work on the core and cavity.From 1L , 2L ,4L ,5L up to 20L pail mould ,In the past years, we gained a lot of great experience in how the improve the 20L pail mould pass the drop test.

  Optimal and equal cooling effects in different area of bucket mould cavity and core.I would like to introduce ourselves that we are engaged in manufacturing of 20L Pail Mould.We have strict quality control procedures for each process.Thus it will slow down injection molding speed,cause sink mark.