Do you often clean bedding?

1. Bed sheets and duvets: washed once a week

According to reports, paper that has not been washed for 10 days may leave 5.5 pounds of sweat. This bed sheet is a paradise for mites and bacteria.

2. Pillow towel, pillowcase: wash once a week

Pillows are easily contaminated with dandruff, dust mites, fungi, bacteria and oil pollution on the scalp and skin. If you clean your face every day without changing the pillow, your face may be "painted".

If there is discomfort such as skin irritation on the face, it is recommended to replace it once or twice. For the same reason, pillowcases should also be cleaned once a week.

3. Pillow: wash every 3 months

Saliva, sweat, dust, dander and grease on the head easily penetrate into the pillow. The longer the pillow is used, the greater the likelihood of streptococcus and the greater the risk of thrombosis. Moreover, it is easy to catch colds and low resistance in autumn and winter, and it is particularly susceptible to streptococcus and the root cause of blood clots.

If the pillow material is not easy to clean, it is best to be once a week; after 1 year of use, it is recommended to replace the pillow.

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