epdm extruder consist of a heated shearing screw conveyor or twin screw conveyor and a die through which the plasticised and pressurized rubber is squeezed.Die design possibilities remain nearly limitless, and rubber profiles may be extruded to small.We work to innovate new solutions and push the boundaries of modern extrusion technology.

  The extruded rubber product leaves the extruder in a soft pliable uncured state.It is also provided with a fault finding system and can be provided with optional data logging system.A colour touch screen display is provided in the control panel enabling a trouble free and easy operation.

  The extruded product then needs to be cured / vulcanized to ensure that the rubber product will remain in the desired form to meet the desire applications requirements.The special designed water jacket gets excellent heat exchange effciency.Uncured / Unvulcanized rubber compound is fed into the salt bath curing line.