Ice Cream Showcase is the ideal choice for compact and efficient display and refrigeration.The screws for the handle are under the door seal, and compromise it once they are in whether you push the seal aside or not.A ice cream showcase, also commonly known as a center, is basically a beefy mini-fridge that’s designed solely for ice cream.

  Outfit your restaurant, convenience store or professional kitchen with a premium commercial ice cream showcase.The novelty of having your choice drinks on hand in places like a back patio, basement, or living room, never wears off.And this enables you to find a beverage cooler that meets the exact needs of both your family and your space.

  The Beverage Cooler features an insulated liner to help keep cold beverages nearby in an indoor or outdoor setting.The top pick on this list does just this while giving you the space to hold a good supply of beer that will last.Beverage coolers come equipped with flat shelves for convenient stacking of cans and bottles.