First, processors and customers should choose the type of film used to make shrink sleeve labels. In the past, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) was a common material. Now with the development of society, the range of materials used has been greatly expanded. At present, PET (polyester), PETG (modified polyester), OPS (oriented polystyrene), K resin and other films are used to produce shrink sleeve labels in the world.

At present, when selecting the type of film used to make shrink sleeve labels, PVC is not used, and resin is used. Environmental considerations are a big factor. Another aspect that needs attention is material properties, such as shrink properties. For example, OPS (Oriented Polystyrene) has better shrinkage performance than other available materials, which is an important reason for its selection, and also takes into account its excellent environmental friendliness. K resin is not often used, but its shrinkage is very good, even stronger than OPS. In the past, some people occasionally used oriented polypropylene to make shrink sleeve labels, but now they are not considering polypropylene (polypropylene film is the main material for making roll overlapping shrink labels).

At present, there are still people who choose PVC film to make shrink sleeve labels in those fields that are not expressly stipulated. The reason is that the price of PVC film is relatively low and it is relatively easy to obtain in the market. There are both domestic and imported PVC films. In addition, PVC has a large shrinkage range and a wide shrinkage temperature time limit. In production, a wide heat-window is required because the heat source of PVC film is not as complicated as that of other materials, and the main heat source is hot air, infrared or a combination of the two.

Since the late 1990s, as more and more countries have banned the use of PVC as a substitute for PVC, OPS (Oriented Polystyrene) has become increasingly common, but it is insufficient in supply. High-quality OPS mainly depends on imports, and the production capacity of foreign manufacturers is increasing day by day. Now with many domestic companies starting to produce OPS, I believe that in the near future, the acquisition channels of OPS will be localized.

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