Looking to get back to WOW Classic. Have not played about a week before the Azshara patch. Thinking about how to begin getting back to WOW Classic. I played with resto druid and don't know anyone that plays so just interested about what to do when I return wow classic gold for sale and how to go about finding people and improving. Also are all the healers viable since I don't wish to play what's finest but also don't want to lessen my odds of doing well? Probably will try to look into doing raids and dungeons once I somehow find people.

All specs are viable before you start getting into Mythic raiding or even +20 dungeons. That having been said, Resto Druid is deemed top tier atm. As for what to do getting back, the very first thing you should do is receive your legendary cloak from Wrathion. This guide breaks down it. In terms of getting into classes, really depends upon the sort of material you intend to do. As a healer, you'll discover that it's quite easy to get invites to PUGs for many low to mid range content (Mythic+ up to 15, Regular and heroic raids). If you intend on being a mythical raider, that's a bit beyond my expertise I am afraid.

Okay thank you. Few more things if you do not mind. Is it worthwhile to over period level all the healers up to test? Also I really don't remember how far into the xpac I was tbh besides that I'd finished the story, I do not believe had finished the other things like on zandalar for the outposts or whatever they were called. Any chance you could do like a little collection of things that any play who just finished the key quests should do in case I have missed things? Sorry if I am asking too much and thank you for the help.

I guess it mostly depend on how much of an altoholic you are. If story is your concern content definitely finish the War Campaign. Your quest log will let you know exactly what the next step for you will be. As for any other catch-up, you are gonna want to go back and work on essences you don't have. For Resto Druid, you want Well of Existence, which you purchase from Mechagon and requires rep with Rustbolt Resistance. In addition, I urge Ever Rising Tide, purchased in Nazjatar with mana pearls and needs rep with either Waveblade Ankoan (Alliance) or The Unshackled (Horde).

Are healing specs useful/desirable in non-dungeon PVE group content (Warfronts, Island Expeditions)? I have just done a couple. I leveled my characters within their DPS specs for the most part anyhow some low level dungeons but I'd like to learn how to cure well on my priest and shaman, and maybe tank in my paladin. Feeling somewhat intimidated stepping cheap classic gold wow into max level dungeons without any experience, but it is difficult to practice recovery without a bunch. The island expeditions I did seemed like you might as well just go DPS and run around completing objectives and killing mobs, but I could imagine a more coordinated group could take out the rares real quick with some healing/support. If healers are not super useful for this kind of articles, which BFA dungeon(s) are the most simple in your opinion to run on normal?