The Manual Fertilizer Seeder is a practical new type manual fertilizing machine for seedlings. The manual fertilizing machine for seedlings is a manual fertilizing machine which does not damage seedlings and has a high survival rate of fertilizing seedlings.

Including rack and seat mounted on the rack, transmission box, right conveyor belt, seedling tray, support wheel, depth-limiting drive wheel, opener, stubble tray, belt, for each seedling fertilizing monomer, Two of the depth-limiting driving wheels are arranged symmetrically and inclinedly, and each of the depth-limiting driving wheels is composed of a driving rim and non-slip convex teeth. Anti-skid convex teeth are evenly distributed on the outer side of the edge along the circumference. The driving rim has an integrally formed structure and is made of styrene-butadiene rubber.


  1. Daily maintenance of Manual Seeder:

1) Clean up the soil and other residues accumulated on the seedling clips, inside and outside of the opener, and the suppression wheel

2) Oil the axis of the cracking wheel

3) Oil the chains, conveyor chains and bearings of the planter

4) Check the tightness of the screws

  1. Maintenance after the cultivation:

1) Scrub the manual seeder clean and dry it, especially to thoroughly remove the residues of fertilizers and chemical products.

2) After finishing the fertilization operation, a detailed inspection should be carried out, and if damaged parts are found, they should be replaced in time

3) Fully lubricate, especially the chain and bearing parts should be lubricated in time, then store the machine in a dry place and cover it with oil cloth to prevent dust.