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Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Brands: OEM & ODM

Certificate: CE,ISO9001

Model: Customization

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Engraving machine

Functional characteristics:
1.It adopts imported linear guide rails, double row and four rows of sliders, large bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision, long service life and accurate undercutting.
2.The whole machine adopts steel structure, the rigidity is good and it is not easy to be deformed, and the machine bearing capacity can reach more than one ton.
3.The stainless steel sink is more suitable for the harsh environment of machine tool processing, improving the quality of the machine tool and increasing the service life.
4.The Y-axis adopts the imported 30 guide rail, and the machine runs more smoothly during the processing.
5.Constant power spindle motor with high cutting force and high efficiency.
6.Two-way tool cooling system for efficient tool life.
7.CNC digital control, with power-off memory function, with power-off, broken knife continuous carving function.
8.Compatible with any of the world's most advanced CAM software: Type3/Artcam/ CAXA/ UG/ Pro-E/ Mastercam/ JD/ Wentai.

Scope of application:
Marble, Shoushan Stone, granite, bluestone, jade, jade, crystal, stone, agate, gongtai, copper plate, aluminum plate, etc.

Standard configuration:
◆ Weihong Control System
◆ X/Y shaft rack drive
◆ Z axis screw drive
◆ domestic AC servo motor and supporting drive
◆ domestic inverter
◆ Feed height 430mm / Z stroke 330mm
◆ Patented box gantry structure
◆ Automatic refueling
◆ dustproof