Hey I've been wanting to get into a morphing. One of Mat pat's movie on WoW it was similar to this quarantine leaves me thinking about playing with WOW Classic. The last time I played WoW was like 8 years ago and I dont recall fondly about WOW Classic because I didnt play that much of wow gold. Today I have been wondering if I must play WOW Classic or normal. What game do you guys think I need to begin playing?

WOW Classic, by today's standards, isn't a"good" game. It is liked by the reasons that individuals enjoy it will be the reasons no corporation would create a match. There is no QoL. You may spend countless hours trying to form classes to conduct content, and you may wind up with a bunch of people that don't have any clue what they're doing and wipe continuously, and then do it all over again. You will spend about 25% of your sport time walking back to your physique. The battle is simplistic. It is exceptionally slow at the start, and will not pick up for quite a long while (like leveling, even at low levels, isn't that fast). But, it's still stupidly fun, for what it is. There is less match for Blizzard to fuck up (BfA...), and if you enjoy the package that is there, you will have fun. It's the most social a game could be.

Retail WoW is everything you'd expect from a game. QoL the ass out. Lots of crap to collect. However, it's riddled with design decisions that simply make it a job sometimes. It's not an adventure, like WOW Classic is. On the contrary, it's a sport where accomplishment boils down to beating endgame articles (mainly ), so the entire objective is getting to endgame fast to start spamming the latest content. It's, mechanically, a much more difficult game, but it may be somewhat soulless, particularly after you've spent some time in endgame. Depends on what you would like. You can just drop the $15 or anything for a month sub, and begin both. Put a couple of hours in each and see which one holds you more.

WOW Classic was spoiled by the populations boring as hell battleground mentality. Just buy some gold from goldsellers and afk to 60. Not stating retail is in its existing condition. But at least you dont need to suffer the shortage of needed systems that are qol. WOW Classic is good but too old the player mindset sucks. Depends what you're searching for. If you care about the end game and raiding retail is likely a better bet, but for the first game leveling experience I much prefer WOW Classic. Leveling in WOW Classic is more cohesive to more gold on mywowgold and feels like a journey through a world, in retail that you just blow through the leveling material and rocket to the end game.