The longer the Petrol Log Splitter is used, the more problems or faults will occur. This is a normal phenomenon, but the more the number of problems occurs, the greater the damage to the equipment. Therefore, in order to avoid reducing some unnecessary Problem, the effective method is to carry out maintenance work before and after the work. Let's take a look at what the maintenance work is.
  Performance Built Log Splitter before work:
   1. The equipment must be properly maintained before work. The newly installed tires are prone to loosening and must be checked frequently; pay attention to whether the work of each part of the machine is normal.
2. Pay attention to check the degree of wear of wearing parts and replace worn parts at any time; put the plane of the chassis of the mobile device, and dust and other objects should be removed to prevent the movable bearing from moving on the chassis when the machine encounters unbreakable materials. So that a serious accident occurred.
3. Before starting the equipment, add lubricating oil to all working places to see if there are any loose parts; after the work, protect the equipment from damage, clean it with a soft tool, and do not put it in the moisture In a large environment.