The wholesale solar garden lights are mainly composed of solar cell components, component supports, electric control boxes, light poles and other parts. The lightpost is the supporting part of the whole street light, which has higher requirements on its hardness, height, wind resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Through a series of processes, the surface is sprayed with anticorrosive coating. Working principle of street light control system: photovoltaic battery charges the storage battery during the day, and the storage battery provides electricity for street light lighting at night. The storage battery will form a charge-discharge cycle. The solar garden light lighting control circuit includes four parts: photovoltaic cell, storage battery, street light and controller.

If we want to prevent the battery from overcharging, we must strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions to provide the charging voltage value. The service life of the storage battery is directly related to the service life of the whole street light, and the service life of a high-quality storage battery is longer than that of an ordinary storage battery.

The solar courtyard light is composed of five parts: light pole, battery board, battery, controller and LED light. The solar photovoltaic power generation is safe and reliable, without noise and pollution emission. It is not limited by the resource distribution area and can take advantage of the building roof. No need to consume fuel and set up power transmission lines to generate electricity and supply power on the spot, the energy quality is high, users are emotionally easy to accept, the construction period is short, and the time for obtaining energy is short.

Solar garden lights are only a manifestation of scientific and technological strength. In fact, there is no problem with this sentence. The widespread application of solar garden lights shows the strength of our country in using high-tech products. However, what is more noteworthy is that we use solar garden lights because this energy is clean, it does not pollute the surrounding environment and does no harm to the living environment of human beings. Therefore, it is widely recognized and promoted by people.

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