Selecting the shrinkage ratio of in mould labels material plays an important role in the production process:

(1) PE material with different shrinkage ratio of in mould labels paper will be affected and deformed (bottle body bulges and both sides are concave)

At present, the shrinkage of the materials used in the in mould labels material market after exposure to heat is the characteristic of most plastic thin moulds, but the shrinkage rates of different films are different, the plastic bottle body will also shrink when cooling, and the bottle body will deform when the shrinkage rate is different from the bottle body shrinkage rate.

(2) The shrinkage ratio of the in mould labels paper material is close to PP material, and the shape of the product has little influence.

The same shrinkage ratio does not have the problem of mutual extrusion, and the more tightly the extrusion is in production, the more tightly the extrusion is. If the label is torn apart, because it is formed in one step, even if the label is pulled apart, the lines printed on the bottle are on the back of the label, and the lines will not change.

The design structure of the mould is unreasonable, which is easy to cause product shape change, deformation, bulging and poor exhaust during the production process, resulting in bubbles during labeling.

The printing, bronzing, hand viscosity of the in mould labels is too high, and when the label is not well treated by static electricity, problems such as re-labeling, label dropping, label missing, sticking slanting, dust and the like will occur in the production of the in mould labels.

Solution to double waste caused by Incorrect in mould labels:

The first is the choice of labeling robots. The accuracy of precision labeling of robots used for in mould labels produced by different manufacturers is different. It should be compared in many ways to select products with good quality. Secondly, the quality of in mould labels produced by different in mould labels is also different. Generally speaking, in mould labels with good stiffness and less static electricity are helpful to the accuracy of label adhesion. In addition, the influence of factors such as operation technology cannot be ignored. Finally, in the aspect of waste disposal, the general method cannot be adopted. Because the label and the bottle body are made of the same material, the label and the bottle body have been completely melted together after one-step forming in the production process. The ink printed on the label paper should be scraped off first, instead of the whole label, then the label should be crushed and finally added into the inner layer of the bottle to achieve the effects of regeneration and environmental protection.

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