We are committed to producing professional high quality ice cream showcase to meet different customer needs.Ice cream showcase is the best ice cream display freezer.It is a ice cream showcase full of cold, whose simplicity and overall visibility are the result of brand new Ice Cream Showcase.

  Using cold air streaming technology, cooling fast, cool air evenly, preservation effect is strong.Special lamps of ice cream showcase highlight the colors of ice cream and gelato, attracting visual attention even at great distances.

  Looking for a great Beverage Cooler? We've got it all at Beverage Factory!Some beverage coolers are rated for outdoor use, so you can serve refreshments while entertaining in your barbeque area.Supplement your deck or pool house with an outdoor beverage refrigerator and supply your next barbecue with an endless supply of Beverage Cooler.

  Beverage coolers come equipped with flat shelves for convenient stacking of cans and bottles.A beverage cooler differs from a regular refrigerator because its layout is specifically designed and optimized for storing bottles and cans.