Do you know what causes the low output of Petrol Log Splitter:

   1. Abrasive factors

  Abrasives are therefore equally divided into two aspects. New abrasives need to be ground. Because burrs will inevitably occur in the production of drilling holes, the resistance of sawdust particles through the forming holes of the abrasives is increased, so the output is low.

There is the issue of the compression ratio of abrasive tools. This is a problem that everyone often mentions but does not understand: due to the influence of vegetation growth cycle, climate, region and other factors, the density of vegetation is different, so the compression of abrasive tools The ratio is different. Therefore, it takes a lot of effort to find a compression ratio suitable for your raw materials.

   2. Raw material factors

   The raw material factor is divided into moisture factor and particle size factor, and the moisture can be controlled between 13-20%, which is easier to judge.

   The particle size factor is generally controlled at 1-5mm. This particle size is very conducive to the interdigitated adhesion between particles and the release of lignin, which ultimately achieves good molding purposes. If the particle size is too small, the biomass particles are not well formed, crumbly, and the particle size is too large, causing the biomass particles to be insufficiently dense and easy to break. It will also cause increased wear on the abrasive and pressure stick.

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