Support to the meseta pso2 North America Windows 10 variant of Phantasy Star Online 2

Hey everyone! We have finished adding in support for PSO2NA to the Tweaker. What this signifies is that you may perform the following with Phantasy Star Online 2 after installing it via the Windows Store:Update it through the Tweaker, using a super quick resumeable patch program. Change graphical settings, sound, etc without trusting and editing an INI. Repair permission difficulties Gameguard errors, and other problems and more! This also means the Tweaker supports JP and NA, and you can switch between them freely and immediately in the event that you play both servers. (You'll have to re-select where your JP match is located!).

In addition, we've discovered a painless and easy method to update and patch and play PSO2 NA without messing with permissions or even mutables or any of that crap. You can view more information here. We have tested this a bunch of people and it has worked perfectly each time, once they had previous issues with the original launcher/permissions/all that things we've been dealing with. After you reboot into (or occasionally quit), it attempts to perform silly Windows Store things and breaks the connection between Phantasy Star Online 2 folder along with the shop, so the shop thinks it's corrupted and nukes it, requesting you to reinstall.

While you waited, thank you for your support, patience, and also phrases. Keep in mind there might be bugs (beta testing is difficult!) What are you waiting for? Follow the installation manual, and get to play with the damn game! So I am guessing there is no way of avoiding installing Phantasy Star Online 2 through the MS store directly?

They're currently working on it but currently there's absolutely no way about it. It helps you with a few bugs and the download is faster than through the launcher. But it still didn't fix my issue at which Phantasy Star Online 2 has nuked in the disc after a reboot. And I don't wish to restore a backup every day. This launching is quite the wreck. I legitimately did not believe Sega could can keep disappointing me later awaiting PSO2 for 2 years but here we are.Microsoft compensated to deliver it over. Part of the deal is it launches exclusively about the Windows Store regardless of since it first released 8 years 31, hardly and Microsoft knowing it's broken as shit improving it. Despite how disastrous this launch was, you gotta appreciate its defenders.

This won't always occur, although I really don't know if you tried it yet. I have PSO2 on a seperate HDD because I am in the same boat as you, my ssd is only a small one for a couple of games and my OS.I did try it but it just worked fine the first time. Second time I launched Phantasy Star Online 2 it tried to re-download the entire thing and if it was done, clicking'start game' did nothing. I tried to fix it using the whole'take ownership' hack but it was still not allowing me get read/write accessibility on a few of cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta Phantasy Star Online 2 documents so I gave up and simply flashed the whole damn thing (which thankfully worked correctly, I have heard some people with issues like mine got stuck with an un-deletable game folder).