Requires learning, I understand most people remember the launch of EOC where it was not well put together but OSRS gold now after few years down the line. Aside from that enjoy RuneScape but you like and go at a speed that you feel comfy with. It is not a race to complete things like maximal anymore, it does help to have maximum stuff but with stuff like war's escape and many of things added for quality of life I think now more than ever it's more of a marathon where the journey is the destination. Fantastic luck in whatever you decide and have fun!

New accounts from my scenario,runescape has so many low level methods for training and skilling that you'll have too much fun. I made a new account in 2018 and the fun I had playing RuneScape was low level training and learning what goals I personally liked. You can now bypass all this and do among the many YouTube guides for a million xp an hour but having fun is your goal it's a blast to watch yourself moving from a noob wondering why everyone looks so individualistic and the way I could hit constant 10k's like those 4taa animals to a finish game RuneScape participant who knows the ins and outs better than the wiki.just gotta recall it's not a race and it is fine to take month fractures in case you need them.

Before rediscovering my account, so I made a new account. I swapped after getting familiar with RuneScape. Seriously man, it's all up to what you wan na na perform. Wish a fresh beginning and adventure? Then go for it! Want to relive the days and see what you'd realized? Go for it! Just have fun! I would personally make a new account. This way it is possible to experience all of the quests reworks and only low lvl stuff. I left a month ago and I've been having fun playing it while afking abilities on osrs.That's a good idea. It just sucks I don't think I can do that sort of multi tasking and because I have a MacBook.

100% advocate a new accounts. A lot of RuneScape players new to RS3 get dropped. Being a old school RuneScape player, you have an advantage since the map design is much exactly the same. A problem with old school RuneScape players coming in on the other hand, is it's easy to get overwhelmed to buy RS gold and give up and that the areas are closely packed with content. Don't look at efficacy guides. Performance is good at levels, but you are going to be skipping over a great deal of exploration and crucial knowledge you will need for levels of RuneScape.