1. Purchase and use of Basic Copper Chlorideshould be under the guidance of agricultural technology extension personnel, purchase and use of safe, efficient and low-residue basic copper chloride.
  2. The purchase of basic copper chloride should be purchased from a basic copper chloride business unit that has a basic copper chloride business license and a business license issued by the industrial and commercial administration.
  3. The basic copper chloride with complete "three certificates" should be purchased, that is, the basic copper chloride registration certificate number, product standard certificate number and production license number are complete. If the above three items are incomplete, it is unqualified basic copper chloride that does not meet the requirements.
  4. When purchasing basic copper chloride, pay attention to the production date and validity of the basic copper chloride purchased. Do not buy and use expired basic copper chloride with no effectiveness.
  5. Do not buy basic copper chloride without labels or with incomplete labels.
  6. In the process of using basic copper chloride, the regulations for the safe use of basic copper chloride should be followed, the medicine should be properly dispensed and applied, and the following three issues should be noted:

 1 Accurately grasp the target of prevention and treatment, use symptomatic medication, and avoid ineffective medication;

 2 Accurately grasp the period of medication (the best time for prevention and treatment) to avoid overdose.

  1. The use of basic copper chloride should abide by the national regulations on the safe and reasonable use of basic copper chloride, and the medicine should be applied in accordance with the prescribed dosage, the number of times of use, the method of use and the safe interval. .
  2. The basic copper chloride should be properly kept to prevent children or illiterates from eating or misusing.
  3. Unauthorized use of Basic Copper Carbonateprohibited by the state and the use of restricted basic copper carbonate in vegetables, fruit trees, and Chinese herbal medicines may be reported to the competent authorities of basic copper carbonate at all levels.