Many people now pay attention to health, and have relatively high requirements for the living environment. The large acrylic fish tank just meets everyone's needs. It is very common in our normal hotels, undersea restaurants, tunnels, etc. Then let me introduce the installation details of the large fish tank.

1. Large fish tank design

Large fish tanks usually become part of the building, such as hall pillars, cylindrical platforms, or square fish tanks close to the wall. Large-scale fish tank design engineers need to accurately measure the size and shape to keep up with the trend of the times. The most important thing is to make the fish tank icing on the whole building, that is, the shape of the fish tank matches the architectural style.

2. Material selection for large fish tank

The quality of the material is directly related to the quality of the project. The large-scale fish tank is customized-the editor believes that the common large-scale fish tank materials are ordinary glass, quartz glass, acrylic organic glass, etc., each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. We can roughly look at the characteristics of these types of fish tanks:

(1) Ordinary glass materials. Ordinary glass fish tanks are heavy in texture and easy to break. There are gaps between the glass and the glass, but it is not easy to be scratched. (2) Quartz glass material. This material has higher hardness and transparency than ordinary glass, and is resistant to high temperature, abrasion and oxidation.

3. Large fish tank landscaping

Aquatic plants can be selected from triangle mousse, staghorn iron crown, staghorn moss, water ficus, etc. These aquatic plants can be fixed at the bottom of the fish tank. Stones can be selected from cloud stone, blue dragon stone, pine skin stone, Taihu stone, stalactite, volcanic stone, pebble, coral stone, etc. These stones and water plants are buried in part of the sand to create a natural scene washed by water. Adding rockery can also create a courtyard landscape and the style of the mountain river bottom.

4. Construction of large fish tank

The next step is the construction. The construction work is numerous and complicated, mainly including the installation of fish tanks, filtration equipment, water pumps, sterilization equipment, constant temperature equipment, water quality monitoring equipment and landscape implementation. Although the installation process is relatively simple, it is extremely important, it is related to the design effect of the large fish tank and the later maintenance

5. Large-scale fish tank maintenance

The maintenance of large-scale fish tanks is an important part of ornamental fish farming in the later period. Flowers and plants must be taken care of, not to mention the fish tanks for ornamental fish. Regular disinfection, regular cleaning, aquatic cultivation, regular care of fish tank lighting debugging, and fish medicine are common. Fish food, etc. Some large-scale fish tanks use acrylic materials. Large-scale fish tanks of this material also need to be regularly polished and waxed.

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