A good mattress not only keeps warm and breathable, so it won't wake up from the heat, but also fits the body, so that it won't cause backache when sleeping. At the same time, durability, environmental protection and green are also factors that consumers consider when buying mattresses. Taking Shuda of the United States as an example, the durability of Miaoer's buckle spring is up to one million times, and it almost never deforms, never collapses, and it is safe to use. In terms of environmental protection, Shuda not only uses environmentally friendly materials as a cushion layer, but also pays more attention to The breathability between the materials creates a unique "micro-circulation" air system in the mattress to prevent the accumulation of dust mites, effectively remove allergens, and create a more comfortable and safe sleeping environment.

A good mattress is not only a place to sleep, but also a place for communication between family members. In life, many things between couples are communicated and resolved before going to bed, so there is the old saying "noisy at the head of the bed, and at the end of the bed". On a squeaky bed with a sore back, it's hard to imagine this effect.

To this end, many mattress manufacturers including Rongli Cloth have developed smart beds. Through one-click operation, family members can recline on the bed to chat, read books, watch TV, listen to music, etc., and enjoy the comfort of Tianlun.

Choosing a good brand of mattress is a comfort to life. When you lie down, you can feel the difference.

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